Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Two Hundred Thousand

Two Hundred Thousand

Two Hundred Thousands views. At the moment I've around 2,300 photographs on Flickr - 1311 of those are hill-related. However, in my top twenty most viewed photographs, there are only 3 hill photos - the first of which appears at #8 in the list. (and perversely, two of them are of the same summit!)

Almost 15% of those 200,000 views have come from two photographs. Number #2 on the list (8,255 views) is this one. Looking at the stats, nearly all views come from Google and Google Images. The most popluar photo (18,029 views) is this one. This photograph has made it into a blog posting which seems to be permanently doing the rounds in a variety of formats. Here's an example of one version.

For the record, the hill photos that have made it into the top twenty are this one, this one, and this one.


Plumbago said...

Hurrah! And all the more impressive coming off the back of a much smaller number of photos than I have. Though I do tend to use Flickr as a blog / parking facility for photos. As is probably rather obvious from some of what I upload! Anyway, roll on the next 100K ...