Monday, July 04, 2011

Ben More & Stob Binnein

Stob Binnein I
Stob Binnein from Ben More

A Crianlarich Duo...

Ben MoreStob Binnein
Munros: #103 - #104
Date: 17th April 2011
Distance: 11.6km
Time: 6hrs 40mins
Here's a leg-stretcher from a couple of months ago. 2nd walk of the year.

Nothing too eventful. Usual rigmarole at the start - 3 hour drive from Alford via Cairn O Mount/Dundee/Perth. Damn near sliced the tip of my thumb off in the public toilet in St Fillans on the door bolt. Parked up in the layby, taped up thumb - scratched heads for a few minutes - dug out the gps then drove 3km to the correct layby and we're off. Well, almost. My new car has a new-fangled keyless entry/start system. So, when you lock the car with the remote and then do what you've done for years and tug the door handle to double-check, because the key is in your rucksack and near the car, the door opens...does not help any tendencies of OCD/paranoia..

Anyway, all plain sailing when on the hill. Over the stile, a twist landrover track to the next gate then up. And up, And up, with a bit more relentless up thrown in to spice things up. The views behind helped too. What didn't help was the late start which resulted in a stream of people descending who delighted in telling us it was much easier doing the route in reverse - cheers for that ;)

Ben More
Ben More from the roadside.

Loch Lubhair, Crianlarich & Beyond
Loch Lubhair, Crianlarich & beyond.

Lamb I
Bare Bones on Ben More.

Lamb II
Marshall finishes lunch.

Strath Fillan
Marshall does his best McNeish impression.

Loch Tay from Ben More
Loch Tay from Ben More.

Ben More Summit I
Approaching Ben More Summit.

Ben More Summit II
Into the Sun. The hazards of asking others to take your summit shot.

Ben More Summit III
Sunshine on Ben More Summit.

We reached the top in about 2.5 hours and were greeted by low wispy cloud which soon burnt off as we began the descent towards Stob Binnein. A pretty large down and up saw us onto out second hill of the day for lunch.

Stob Binnein I
Stob Binnein from Ben More.

Last Week's Walk
Marshall with Beinn Tulaichean and Cruach Ardrain behind.

Stob Binnein II
Stob Binnein.

Stob Binnein Summit I
Hazy lunch on Stob Binnein summit.

Back to Ben More
Ben More from Stob Binnein.
Then a return to the bealach and turn left at the big rock to follow the burn down a slippy path to Ben More Glen. Looks like the landrover track has recently been extended further up the glen.

In the car and home via the A9, Pitlochry, Glenshee and the Aboyne chipper..

Benmore Glen
Benmore Glen.


Plumbago said...

Nice summary. I particularly liked (and can empathise with) your OCD observation. And great photos as ever. I particularly liked the shots with the sharp snow/no-snow line along the ridge. Great!

Graham said...

Cheers. The car door lock behaviour still leaves me in a cold sweat every time. Did I lock it or not? And there are still a number of unknown scenarios waiting..what happens if I leave the keys in it and walk away? What happens if I leave the engine running and walk away (unlikely I know but still I worry)

That snow line was our line of ascent/descent btw. If I had the gps plot still you would be exhausted just looking at it. Was a tad steep.