Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Ballater Home Brew

Craigendarroch Summit Cairn
Craigendarroch Summit Cairn.
An Evening in Ballater...

As well as Munro-bagging, another one of my side projects is Marilyn-bagging. At least the local ones anyway. They are often smaller hills, a good opportunity to stretch the legs on days when an expedition halfway across Scotland is out of the question. More often than not, they also provide some cracking views too.

Craigendarroch Hill is in Deeside. The town of Ballater lies at the foot of the hill and provides easy access to the short, but steep ascent up the heavily wooded hill. You'd be well advised to stick to the paths too, as there's a lot of crags about.

Craigendarroch Slopes I
Start of the walk.

The path quickly ascends and soon you are walking through Scots Pine and heather. We spotted a deer close by in the trees here.

Craigendarroch Slopes II
Path to Summit.
Happy Tree
Happy Tree.

Very quickly, the path takes you out onto the summit area. Although still heavily wooded, there are gaps through the trees with some nice views down into Ballater, along the Dee valley towards Aboyne, into Glen Muick, and a great view of the vast corrie of Lochnagar. Lochnagar was hiding this evening, as the 3 day spell of hot weather and clear skies began to slowly deteriorate.

Craigendarroch Summit Cairn
Summit Cairn.
Craigendarroch Viewpoint Indicator I
Viewpoint Indicator.

Despite the approaching black clouds, it was still a warm evening and we lingered on the summit, sharing a bottle of Mikes' homebrewed Ginger Beer. The descent was made by continuing on the circular route which curves round the hill, steeply in parts, to rejoin the track back to Ballater.

Craigendarroch Viewpoint Indicator II
Home Brew Ginger Beer.