Thursday, June 30, 2011

Easter Egg Rolling - Cairngorms Style

Carn a' Mhaim Summit II
Carn a' Mhaim Summit.

If you're going to roll your egg, pick a good hill...

Munro #105: Carn a' Mhaim
Distance: 12km Bike & 10km walk
Time: 5.5 Hours
When: Friday 22nd April 2011
Who: Me & Brian

"Yes, you can go hillwalking tomorrow, as long as you are back for 5" Challenge accepted, but where? It's nice to have one in your back pocket and Carn a' Mhaim was it. This meant an early start on Good Friday so it was an 0530 off from Alford and we were in the saddle at the Linn of Dee by 0715. Despite the good forecast, the temperature was hovering around the freezing mark and the views were very hazy as we set off towards Derry Lodge.

Glen Lui
Glen Lui

We cycled across the very dry Derry flats and locked up the bikes about 1km short of the Luibeg Burn. Crossed the Luibeg at 0845. As we started the ascent up Carn a' Mhaim on the excellent path, the heat began to build and the haze began to clear..

Glen Luibeg
Glen Luibeg
All The Way Back
All the way back.

Just short of the 1014 top, we crossed a lone snow patch and the views just exploded out of nowhere...

Last Snow of Spring I
Last Snow of Spring
Carn a' Mhaim Summit II
Carn a' Mhaim Summit.

The views, although still hazy in the distance were nothing short of spectacular..

Cairngorms Panorama 1
Lairig Ghru Panorama. (Click to view large)

Cairngorms Panorama 2
Cairngorm Panorama. (Click to view large)

Time to break out the hard-boiled eggs :)

Carn a' Mhaim Summit Cairn
Carn a' Mhaim Summit Cairn.

Rolling I
Rolling I
Rolling II
Rolling II
We spent a whole hour on the summit. We had it to ourselves and lazed in the sunshine. A rapid descent back to the bikes, passing scores of walkers and back at Derry Lodge by 1215. There were bikes everywhere..

The Fords of Derry
The Fords of Derry.
Bike Rack
Bike Rack.

On the way back to the Linn of Dee, we stopped off and had a look at the old salmon ladder and waterfalls..

Diving Board?
Salmon Ladder I.
Salmon Ladder
Salmon Ladder II.
Clear Water
Clear Water.
Water Fall II

By 1430 we were in the Inver Hotel beer garden, cooling down. Racked up some Brownie Points by being home by 1600 :) Belated Happy Easter!


Mike said...

Stunning photographs! Nice to be able to read the account of the walk alongside the fantastic photos on Flickr. Looking forward to some breathtaking shots when you tackle some of the Munros in Skye.

Graham said...

Cheers! You'll be on Skye right beside me by the way ;)