Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Brimmond Hill

Summit Snack II
Aberdeen from Brimmond Hill

Marilyn of Aberdeen

A total distance of around 2.5km plus the added advantage of a gentle gradient, a tarmac path and plenty of interesting views make this an ideal adventure for kids. The Girl (5, and used to bigger hills) romped up it, while The Boy (3), although complaining of tired legs by the end, also made light work of it.

Lots of narrow country roads and several diferent access points onto the hill made navigating to the start of the walk interesting.

Once the car park was found, navigation was a doddle. Form the car park, there's a tarmac path all the way to the summit with one gate and one stile to cross..

Routefinding 101.

Easy Access
Start of Walk.

For such a small hill, the views are extensive...

Bennachie from Brimmond Hill
Bennachie from Brimmond Hill.

Airport from Brimmond Hill
Aberdeen Airport from Brimmond Hill.


The summit is crowded - three transmitters, a war memorial, a flag, a cairn a trigpoint and a bench...

Crowded Summit
Crowded Summit.

Brimmond Hill Summit
Brimmond Hill Trigpoint.

On a clear day, there are grand views over Aberdeen...

Aberdeen from Brimmond Hill I
Aberdeen from Brimmond Hill.

Aberdeen from Brimmond Hill II
Aberdeen zoomed from Brimmond Hill.

Summit Snack II
Lovely Views!

Summit Explorers


Plumbago said...

Excellent. You're setting them in good stead by getting them used to walking so early. Doesn't Teresa ever get to come along though? ;-)