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Stob Coire Sgriodain and Chno Dearg

Treig Point (A Landscape)
Loch Treig, Stob a' Choire Mheadhoin and Stob Coire Easain from Stob Coire Sgriodain.

A great pair of hills - just don't forget your gaiters!

Stob Coire Sgriodain and Chno Dearg
Munros: #94 & #95
Date: Saturday 16th October 2010
Distance: 15.9km
Time: 6hrs 55mins (Car to Car)

After a miserable weather day at the Lecht practicing navigation on Carn Elasaid (don't set a bearing under a ski-tow!) - a potential weather window opened up for the West Highlands. Could my luck hold twice in one week?

So, for the second time in a week, it was a 0530 departure from Alford, this time with Marshall. No fog this time, it just chucked it down all the way to Aviemore. Marshall wasn't sharing my optimism for a good day.

Back at Fersit again - this time to the car park and we were kitted up, breakfasted and away by 0840

Sun Up
Stob Coire Sgriodain (left) and Stob a' Choire Mheadhoin (right) from car park.

West Highland Line
Crossing the West Highland Line near Fersit.
Upon reaching the farm, we turned right passed an old shed and through a gate into a very boggy field. There were no cows in this field but they had left plenty of reminders. Making a beeline for the open hillside, we crossed a fence and then followed a very faint track before crossing the stream at NN356 774. Staying on the East side of the burn, we found a boggy, wet track which took us up to the 550m contour. Crossing back to the West side of the burn, we made a beeline for the crags of Sron na Garbh-bheinne.

Before ascending these, we had a coffee break where we planned our route up through the crags and generally marveled at how the weather was coming good.

There was plenty of blue sky, lots of fluffy clouds for good photos and not a breath of wind. There was also just enough of a chill out of the sun which was probably keeping the beasties away too. 

Wet Ground
Boggy and wet approach to Stob Coire Sgriodain.

Vantage Point
A dry stop for a break and a good vantage point to spy out a way up through the crags of Sron na Garbh-bheinne.

Sron na Garbh-bheinne
Sron na Garbh-bheinne. The left hand gully provides us with steep, but rapid access to the ridge.
Once onto Sron na Garbh-bheinne, the going became much drier, although some of the rock which hadn't seen the sun yet was slippy. The views back along Loch Laggan were fantastic, but the best was yet you come when we approached the summit. We spent 45 minutes on the summit, and it wasn't long enough to soak in the views. A millpond-like Loch Treig, with the two hills I had climbed only 4 days before, and half of Scotland spread out behind us.. 

Loch Laggan and into Badenoch from near the summit of Stob Coire Sgriodain.

Loch Treig
Loch Treig from near the summit of Stob Coire Sgriodain. Stob a' Choire Mheadhoin and Stob Coire Easain lie across the loch.

High Diver
Marshall looks down towards Loch Treig.

Treig Point (A Landscape)
Me surveying the millpond-like Loch Treig. Stob a' Choire Mheadhoin and Stob Coire Easain lie across the loch. Glen Coe and the Ring of Steall can be seem in the background.

Loch Treig Panorama
Loch Treig panorama.

Stob Coire Sgriodain Summit
Me on summit of Stob Coire Sgriodain. Munro #94.

Waiting For A Train
Marshall waits patiently to see the approaching train on the West Highland Line.
Eventually, it was time to go and we headed along the ridge, passing over the South Top. A lot of up and downs and windy path. Good walking, but not one I'd fancy navigating in poor visibility. Reaching the bealach to Chno Dearg, we made a last minute decision to turn South and visit the Munro Top Meall Garbh. It was a short detour and rewarded us with a great view down to Loch Ghuilbinn. 

Stob Coire Sgriodain South Top
Looking across to Chno Dearg from Stob Coire Sgriodain south top

Ben Nevis And The Grey Corries
Ben Nevis And The Grey Corries from Meall Garbh, a Munro top of Chno Dearg.

Munro from Munro Top
From Meall Garbh, a Munro top of Chno Dearg - looking to Chno Dearg.

Loch Ghuilbinn
Looking down to Loch Ghuilbinn and the path to Corrour Station. From Meall Garbh, a Munro top of Chno Dearg.

Hello Again!
It's following us! Schiehallion from Meall Garbh, a Munro top of Chno Dearg.
From Meall Garbh, it took us 30 minutes to reach the summit of Chno Dearg. Nearing the summit we met s guy with a large pack who had been behind us earlier on. He had done Chno Dearg before the top and was now heading to Meall Garbh, then onto Beinn na Lap before camping. He (and his companion) were the only other people we had seen all day. After a brief chat we left him and summited Chno Dearg. 

Ascending Chno Dearg
Marshall climbs the grassy upper slope of Chno Dearg. Meall Garbh  is in the background.

Chno Dearg Summit I
Me on Chno Dearg Summit. Munro #95. Looking towards Schiehallion.

After a break, we began the descent down towards Fersit. The car park is visible the whole way back. We also passed a few people ascending Chno Dearg. We aimed roughly for our line of ascent. In the end, we found a quad bike track which provided easy going down the hill. Eventually we came off the hill just East of the farm and had to pass through a small herd of cows to reach our start point.

Return Journey
5km to Fersit as the crow flies down 808 metres of some pretty boggy slopes. Can you spot the car?


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