Monday, September 13, 2010

Dunnideer Hill

Dunnideer Hill Fort II
Dunnideer Hill (a previous visit)

Iona was desperate to climb her first mountain with her dad. So, we took a drive over to Insch to bag Dunnideer, a "mountain with a castle" on top.


It's perfect for a 3 year old's first hill. It's a nice grassy stroll to the top of the hill which takes no more than 15 minutes - 30 if you stop to look down every rabbit hole. The old stone arch is very impressive and the walk can be extended of you wish to take if a stone circle on the other side of the hill...

"A Nice Place to Look at the Clouds"
Cloud Spotting

Hunting for Rabbits
Hunting for Rabbits

Summit Snack II
Summit Snack

The Queen of the Castle
Apparently I'm a dirty rascal!



Plumbago said...

Great photos! You've got some really nice ones of Iona there. The snacks one particularly.

Anyway, the hike sounds a little short for my next trip up your way!