Thursday, September 16, 2010

Brown Cow Hill

Sron Bhuic
Marshall on Brown Cow Hill

Just as the snow is making its return to the hills, here's a Strathdon Corbett from last winter. Yikes! It was only six months ago!

Corbett: Brown Cow Hill
Distance: 18.4 km
Time: 6.5 Hours
When: Sunday 21st March 2010
Lesson Learned: Don't leave your gaiters at home

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Brown Cow Hill is only 30 minutes drive from my house, so after a lie in, we were on the track by 10:30. It's a nice walk along tarmac, then landrover tracks along the glen to Delnadamph and then Inchmore. Once past the small reservoir after Inchmore (after a small backtrack to retrieve a dropped glove Embarassed the track curves to the south and follows
the Meoir Veannaich.

Corgarff Castle
Corgarff Castle

Inchmore. Slightly downstream of small reservoir

Meoir Veannaich
Meoir Veannaich. Lunchtime

We did consider going right round the ridge to take in the tops of Little Geal Charn and Meikle Geal Charn but rather than following any particular route, we were just following our noses today. We crossed the river and headed up the slope onto Sron Bhuic. At the top of Sron Bhuic we crossed the snowline. The snow was taunting us. Two or three steps on a nice firm crust then suddenly it was soft and we sank to our knees. This was to be the going for the next 5km...

Sron Bhuic
Ascending Cairn Sawvie.

The day was starting to brighten up. Flat grey cloud lifted and turned into a fantastic sky with big puffy clouds and patches of dazzling blue. On with the sunglasses.

Ben Avon Panorama
Ben Avon panorama

Brown Cow Hill Summit I
Approaching the summit of Brown Cow Hill.

The cairn on the summit was tiny. We rested at it, then carried on - taking turns to break the trail. Only when we got the the 823m top did we realise that we forgot to take a photo of the summit cairn. So a tiny dot in the previous photo is all we have. The views to Lochnagar were grand...

Named Top
823m Top with Lochnagar in background

An uneventful descent to the north east, apart from falling into a snow covered hole in the peat hags. My feet didn't touch the bottom. Glad of Marshall to help me out. The last 3km or so were back to a good track and we were soon back at Corgarff Castle.

Corgarff Castle II
Back at Cock Bridge. Corgarff castle from the other side.


spottiewattie17 said...

Inchmore looks a perfect wild camping spot for softies like me. It was already on my list of possibilities.

chimpaction said...

Hey, good call. There's probably several spots along that track...