Monday, September 13, 2010


Sunset Viewpoint
Oxen Craig at Sunset - May 2009

Off on an Outdoor Learning training course tomorrow on Bennachie - probably my favourite and most visited hill..

From the archives, here's a few of my favourite Bennachie photographs:

This Way
Brushing up on navigation skills - Iona's first visit to Bennachie.

A snow-day gives the opportunity to experience perfect winter conditions:

Mither Tap - February 2010

To Lochnagar & The Cairngorms
Mither Tap - February 2010

Millstone Hill Summit I
Mither Tap from Millstone Hill - July 2010

Mither Tap Sunset - April 2007

Scotland's For Me!
Scotland's For Me! - Bennachie from back garden - May 2007

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